At The Real Co. our mission doesn’t end with ensuring full transparency Single Origin. The consumerism we see today is making people sick (physically and mentally), the planet sicker and certain people very rich. At The Real Co. we not only understand the importance of Single Origin products, for both the planet we live on and the people who live in it, but we recognize that the only through the practice of sustainable agriculture can we espouse to do good.

In the simplest terms, Sustainable Agriculture is the production of food or animal products using farming techniques that protect our environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. Impacting on any of these negates the premise of sustainability.

The fact is that many Single Origin farms and companies do not practice mindful farming practices. It is with this in mind that The Real Co truly shines. Through the lens of sustainability we took the “roots” of single origin and grew something truly amazing, a formula for a sustainable agri- environment (we’re not looking for perfect but we are aiming for it).

At The Real Co. we believe in making and helping the food industry become healthier, more value efficient and taste a whole lot better. “Control” in Single Origin is about consumer provision. Looking at everyones needs and creating a flow that gives everything and everyone the rights they need and require in a “sustainable way.” In our opinion, thinking sustainably is crucial to the very existence of the human race. We express this commitment to sustainability in all of our practices; everything from the farm structure, the way that we transport our products, the packaging we use for our food, the space on the packs to share ideas and, ultimately, how we use the money thats generated from our products.

For many of us, we might know the names and stats of our favorite Football team, or we know the entire artificial story of some tv-show character, but when it comes to the food we eat all day, every day…we ain’t got a clue. We REALLY want to change this. We want YOU to ask where it came from, how it was grown, who grew it and whether its going to make me and my children strong and healthy…or weak and sick.

The human race is really lost right now…I hope that we all seek out the light and find the path our forefathers walked upon…truly, Single Origin is that light and its up to you whether you want to walk the path or not…

Closing remark. Please do me a wee favor (for the Single Origin idea)…When you’ve read these past three articles, please pass them on to your Wife/Husband, Girlfriend/Boyfriend, the one you love, the girl who works with you in the office, your dentist, your yoga teacher, your ex-husband who used to make you eat processed fast food every Saturday night. Basically what I’m saying is, this information is written with a view to sharing thoughts and elevating the way we think about the food industry and more importantly, the food we and our loved ones eat….Our food industry is so badly broken I feel that its necessary to inform people of ways to understand either the local picture or the scarier global picture of how food gets from A to B (and all the crucial info in the middle). I hope you all find a way to live in a transparent and sustainable way that keeps you happy, healthy and productive in whatever you are doing in life…

CJ Carter