The key to understanding the value of single origin food is in understanding transparency, and I’m not talking about simply knowing the country location, as that provides as little benefit as knowing the color of your food packaging. No, to understand transparency, and thus the value of single origin, I invite you to take a quick trip with me back in-time to take a look at how the food industry used to work: 100 years ago, not even a minute in terms of how long we’ve been living on this planet, the food business was built on some very basic thought processes: Every grocer, and those who worked in the grocery environment, either knew the supplier directly or at the very least was able to vouch for where the farm/growing environment was located, the quality of the produce they produced, the growing methods they employed on the farms and on and on…. Pride and quality assurance was intrinsic in every single transaction. Grocers/Butchers/Dairy farmers/Bakers…..They all built and prided their business on caring for the source (in terms of respectful, honest relationships and mutual trust in terms of quality and price) and finally caring for the king/queen, “the customer.” This relationship with the source of the produce was a simple direct trade model (AKA Single Origin Trade), that was the ultimate (and only) trade process of the time. The idea of communal empowerment was all people knew and it poured out so many direct and indirect benefits that it produced a kind of “self-heal mechanism” (this was Single Origin in its prime). Today, back in the present, the average consumer is disconnected; disconnected from both the food we put into our body and from this millennia long relationship of simply knowing the SOURCE of our food. Transparency is the missing ingredient today, and transparency is the first step to returning the value of Single Origin to our lives.

With Single Origin, we can re-forge the human relationship of growers and consumers, and, in doing-so, remind both parties that through simple acts we can simultaneity empower ourselves and de-value a broken food system. Sharing this vision collectively is the life blood of Single Origins.  In this shared vision, the growers want to grow the best food in a sustainable way because the consumer wants quality produce that was grown and cared for properly. At The Real Co we peel back as many layers as you feel is important,  granting full transparency. We personally visit the farms and mines to awarding consumers with the information required to get to “know the source” on a more personal level. This is the “transparency” that empowers everyone. 

CJ Carter