Trust is a thing that is hard to come by in today’s day & age. As much as we all would love to trust each & every person or company we interact with, it isn’t always the case. This unfortunate reality skews individual’s perceptions of what they are actually buying into & the foods they are putting into their bodies.

Here, at the Real Co, we promise you 100% certainty that you can put your heart & soul into our company, trusting every single word that we say. Through our approach of traceability, we are able to guarantee you the purest sources, the best farming standards, and agricultural honesty, through a way that is visible & always consistent. Not only do we assure that you are getting your products directly from the highest quality sources, but we make sure that you are getting the purest substance possible (which is really the most important thing, right?)!!

This is why we absolutely love using single origin trading!

Recently, purity in food has moved rapidly into the “must have” category of the food industry. Being a true believer that we are bang smack in the middle of a food revolution, I couldn’t be happier about this (it’s about flippin time!). Stickers & certs hold merit in this market, but only if the product is actually worthy of it. When you have a connection to the direct structure of your source, that is what holds true merit!

The best way for companies to impress people is not by dressing up and putting their best face on, but through happy farmers, wellington boots & plenty of manure as a starting point. Beyond that, consumers deserve to be re-plugged into their food chain. At the Real Co, we keep in mind that the consumer is the financial stimulus for the sustainability of the food world and therefore want to always keep you in the loop.

It is your right!

We encourage you to look deeper into the Organic & Non-GMO labels and beyond, supporting a future of transparency, because Single origin foods are the future!

In the meantime, we want to be proactive & reconnect you with your food source, re-establishing a healthier today!


Stay safe, stay healthy….

Colin Carter