Please ask yourself… is it possible to be responsible without thinking about food?…..

Done thinking?

Here’s what I think:

Food is the most important part of the human existence. Social sustainability and, more importantly, “responsibility” is not a feel good mechanism. It is a conscious choice in the realm of morality. Ethics, the most common and basic College course for students, is the most forgotten topic when it comes to the world of competing contracts and short-term profit. To be responsible, it is vitally important to recognize and research the true costs of the industrialization of food. Unless you know the true costs (for yourself, your children, your children’s children) of the non-stop creation of mega farms with mega crops, it is not possible to qualify yourself as responsible.

Now, is it possible to think responsibly about food without first thinking about our farmers? …..

As you think, please remember this one crucial point if all else slips your mind:

Farmers are lovers of great food, and only by caring for them and ensuring that they sustain themselves properly, can we expect to have real farmers around for generations to come….

When I think of my food, I think of the farm, and I think of their families. The other option is to let “the industry” continue promoting a system of food devoid of quality and nutrition. As companies push harder and harder to achieve a more effective way of generating revenue, the farmers and miners (in the process of competing for contracts) have to literally squeeze the life out of themselves. This is the “competitive” market we see today.

I’d like you to cast your thoughts over to the farming families who live well below the poverty line and can’t even afford to eat the food they grow, let me repeat that “THEY USUALLY CANT EAT THE FOOD THEY GROW”. The more you look at how the industry bleeds dry these communities (not intentionally but via aggressive economics) begs the questions, is the system sustainable? Is the food “really” ethical? Even with the logos and labels (organic this and gluten free that) we are pushing these people into destruction day by day.

So please ask yourself if responsible sustainability is something you could do without thinking about, because food is the most important part of the human existence and we share that space with farmers and miners.

You choose……..

(but remember when you choose, you’re choosing for the generations to come also)