The varieties of salts in our kitchen closely echo the numbers of diseases associated with salt’s daily use. There is Sea Salt, Celtic Salt, Kosher Salt, Table Salt, and so on. We also have Himalayan Pink Salt. The distinction, beyond the obvious color, is a grand juxtaposition that goes way beyond the obvious.


Life and salt can’t live without each other, but the fact remains: Our consumption of salt is slowly killing us. Why?

To understand this, we must first understand salt. Salt is commonly known to be made of the minerals sodium and chloride (minerals essential to human life). However, purely mined salt contains trace amounts of minerals vital to a human health (think iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium). Our regular table salt is highly refined, heavily ground, and lacking all of these trace minerals (literally just Sodium Chloride). This salt has nothing to do with REAL SALT CRYSTALS, and besides, it often contains anti-caking agents and iodine to prevent clumping.

The ocean contains the vital minerals our body was built on, so it is natural to then look to Sea Salt, or Celtic Salt (Celtic Sea) for the necessary proprietary blend of minerals. Unfortunately, post industrial pollution has taken its toll on the ocean and sea salt is too often found containing trace amounts of heavy metals. Interestingly enough, our blood contains the same salty solution found in the primal sea, that is, a fluid consisting of water and salt. Our blood flows through more than 90,000 kilometers of waterways and blood vessels throughout our body, against the forces of gravity, and regulates and balances the functions of our body. Himalayan Pink Rock salt is the purest salt on earth, protected by mountains and ice for millions of years; it was never exposed to the pollutants of our era. It naturally contains less sodium chloride and more minerals than any other variety. Simply put, nothing is like Himalayan Pink Rock Salt!

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