Salt, in chemistry jargon, is simply sodium plus chloride. Nothing more-or-less than a chemical compound formed by the marriage of two minerals. But, we aren’t chemists. We are naturalists! Yes, salt is definitively sodium chloride, but to understand Salt, we must understand where salt comes from.

Salt forms as tiny crystals both underground and in our oceans, varying in crystal sizes, colors, and mineral composites. Himilayan Pink Rock salt, for instance, has large discrete pink crystals and is composed of sodium, chloride, potassium iron, calcium, magnesium and 80 other live minerals. The benefits of this mineral combination helps balance out the body so that your nerves can function properly by contributing to things, such as, your internal fluid balance, electrolyte balance, pH balance, and muscle regulation.

With the arrival of the industrial world, naturally mined salt has been “chemically cleaned” and reduced to the most basic combination of sodium and chloride. All the key, essential minerals and trace elements were REMOVED as impurities! (I know, I know…. it’s absolute nonsense!). Once regarded as white gold, salt has not been converted into white poison! It has been turned into an unnatural, isolated, unwholesome substance that has nothing in common with authentic salt.

Isolated sodium chloride, without its equalizing counterparts such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium behaves as an aggressive substance in the body, disrupting the important patterns that ensure the geometric structures (critical balancing) in our cells. When these structures are damaged, we are without energy and are lifeless.

Salt should not be used just to add flavor to our food… but for its vibration pattern, which is similar to that of our bodies . . .Therefore ladies and gentlemen, take salt very seriously and make sure you get the real stuff, the salt mined from a real place, by people who truly understand salt (cough, cough…our salt miners from the Himalayas)! This will ensure to you that you are getting the rawest, most magical rock salt possible!

Time to get balanced!