All of the products at the Real Co are 100% single origin, meaning that you are getting your rice, salt, or sugar from one, and only one, farm or mine! Since we work with multiple farms, some of our products have different farm sources. Labeled on each container, you can see the name of the farm that you are getting your product from directly.

We love that our consumers are able to know each & every step of the journey of their favorite products. This is why traceability is an absolutely fantastic tool! You are able to know EXACTLY what you are getting and where you are getting it from. As you can see, at the Real Co we like to be as transparent as possible, so there is no confusion…ever. This assures that farmers are getting the money that they deserve through direct trade & that you are consistently getting better quality produce, seeing that farms release products “harvest upon harvest”. We make sure that our products are never mixed with different qualities or even untraceable farms & factories from around the world or in whole sale environments (which unfortunately happens ALOT, even in the organic world….shocking, but true :[ )

Not only is single origin better for you, the farmer and your pocket (we trade directly with farmers, which means that we can pass on savings straight to you…as opposed to making the people in big business richer!), but it is a perfect way to get sensational goods at great prices and know about the sources intimately.

How cool is that?!

If you head to, you can check out videos to learn about each of the farms we work with, watching the “superstars” at work. Just like us, you will be inspired by these passionate individuals who work so hard each & every day, using age old techniques that “honour the past, by creating the future”.

We hope you enjoy!