Did you know that we spend a third of our day (and almost a third of our lives) working…yikes! Whether that is behind a desk or not, you need to assure that your work space is a sanctuary that delights all five of your senses, which include: Sight, Touch, Smell, Sound, & Taste.

Here are some ideas to help you spice up your desk & assure that you’re feeling good on the job!


What makes you the happiest? Is it your family? What about your friends? Your dog? Framing a photo and surrounding yourself with the smiles and memories of these individuals is so important to keep your happiness levels up while at work.

Another nice idea to guarantee you remain positive at work is to make the background of your computer a peaceful nature image. The beach, the mountains or the woods, it’s your choice…being able to look at a soothing image during a tense conference call or at the 3pm slump provides an instant reset!

Desktop wallpaper from The Real Co. featuring Nature that you can download for free HERE


Feeling good doesn’t only have to come from the inside, it could also come from the outside. Wearing soft clothes makes everyones day better! Using a back pillow offers instant relief from sitting for hours on end. If you’re feeling a little stressed, squeeze a stress ball! Keeping moisturizing, paraben-free hand cream at the desk is also a big do!


Aromatherapy is such an important part of making sure that your workspace is harmonious. Using an essential oil diffuser, with oils such as peppermint (focus), grapefruit (uplifting), or lavender (calming), allows you to enhance your mood in your work environment without having to use sprays that are made with harmful chemicals.

If you don’t have a diffuser, You can also add essential oils into a glass cup on your desk to get the same benefits!


Sometimes its hard to focus, especially when others are hustling & bustling in the office around you. A white noise machine can be essential when you want to drown out those sounds, and keep focused on the tasks at hand.

Another option is to stream your favorite genres via a music subscription site. Honestly, It’s SO worth the $10 a month to hear Biggie’s “Sky is the Limit” when you’re trying to pass the time along.


Keeping yourself fueled and hydrated is the most essential part of staying focused and energized during work. Most people forget to eat, or when they do eat it’s from the vending machine that offers foods that are unhealthy & going to make you feel even more tired than before you ate them. Since most are rushing out the door in the morning, make sure that the night before you pack a snack bag filled with energizing snacks! We all forget to drink water, so a great way to keep staying hydrated is to make your water exciting by using a bottle with a fruit infuser.

Great snacks to keep you feeling stimulated:

  • Raw & unsalted nuts (organic & sprouted would be a plus!)
  • Naturally dried fruit
  • Oil-free & salt-free nut butters
  • Olives
  • Tuna
  • Grain-free crackers
  • Raw chocolate

Real Bonus:

We live in environments where we are constantly being inundated with ions an pollutants that we are totally unaware of. Himalayan Salt Lamps are natural negative ion generators, neutralizing the positive ions created by electronic devices that exacerbate problems such as allergies, stress & sleep issues. 

Having a Himalayan salt lamp at your desk is an excellent way to reduce this unwanted air pollution and keep your mood elevated! These are available at many retailers or you can learn how to make an effective, inexpensive way to reap all of the benefits of warm salt for your healthy desk by reading our related article: (Almost) DIY Himalayan Salt Warmer

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