Maybe you’ve seen them at your favorite kitchen, grocery store such as HEB, or trending on the internet, but what exactly is a Pink Salt Slab, where do they come from, what are the uses and benefits, and more importantly…is this just another cooking fad? Let’s answer a few of these questions!

What is it and where is it from?


A Himalayan Pink Salt Slab comes from…the Himalayas! Okay, you probably already guessed that…

It is at it’s most basic definition a surface you can cook or serve food on. But unlike anything you’ve ever used, a salt slab is actually 100% created by nature! (With a little help from some mining and cutting tools, of course.)

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is mined all over the Himalayan mountains and is millions of years old – salt in it’s oldest and purest form (IF it’s from the correct source). Technically, it’s Sea Salt from long ago, when most of the earth was covered in water, and long before our oceans were polluted. At The Real Co. we hand-mine our Pink Salt from a single source – the Khewra Salt Mines (considered to be some of the purest and cleanest salt in the world). We create and cut our slabs from a single chunk of salt, which gives you about 80 or more uses vs. some other “plates” that uses pieces of rock put together to form a slab.  These manufacturers may also tap multiple salt sources that may use surface salt or mine blasting – both of which result in salt with mineral loss and pollutant exposure. The pink color variants come from the living minerals present in our salt. These are educational points to remember when selecting a slab. Okay – onto the fun part!


You can use your Himalayan Pink Salt Slab in many ways: On the grill, in your oven, on your stovetop, when cooking meat, poultry, fish, or vegetables. (Be sure to follow the specific instructions that come with your slab for each type of cooking environment.) You can also use as a prep surface for meats, vegetables, and cheeses – as well as using chilled to serve fruits, vegetable, sushi, cheese and more infusing all of the above with minerals and a very light seasoning of salt.



  • Adds healthy minerals to food
  • Naturally anti‑microbial surface
  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • Superior heat distribution
  • Food cures through contact
  • More complex flavor than regular salt
  • Adds a hint of salt, not an overwhelming amount
  • Use heated or chilled


Our slab contains a whopping 84 live minerals, which is exactly the same as found in the human body. The benefits of this natural salt includes, but is not limited to: regulating the water content throughout your body*; promoting healthy PH balance in your cells*; increases hydration*; prevents muscle cramping*; lowers blood pressure*; improves circulation* and helps the intestines absorb nutrients*. Due to the natural salt having no color added, the colors of our slabs may vary.

Is this a passing fad?

Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs are certainly gaining more popularity than ever, and for good reason. They’ve been used by professional and home chefs for many years and those folks are the ones singing their highest praises. Their popularity will be around forever like any health friendly cooking/kitchen tool, and they’ve become a permanent item stocked at retailers. With taste and health benefits added in, they are a truly beautiful, versatile, and unique addition to anyone’s kitchen.

We love them because of all of the things we’ve listed and are passionate about bringing these to everyone at an affordable price. Here at The Real Co. we believe great Single Origin products and food should be available to all.

What to look for when purchasing a slab:

  • Make sure it’s made from a single block – this will make it last for many more uses that one that is pressed together from several chunks or rocks.
  • Look for a variety of vibrant colors – this indicates high mineral presence.
  • Find out where they source their salt from – if it’s outdoors instead of in mines, it’s been exposed to pollutants and the elements that degrade the presence of minerals and purity.
  • Find out if they hand-mine or blast mine their salt. Blasting is a dirty process that exposes salt to sulphur and other particulates.
  • Shop with a trusted retailer that consistently guarantees quality of products they sell.

You can find The Real Co. Himalayan Pink Salt Slab as a Primo Pick on or at many of their retail locations for under $25.

Need a simple starter recipes for your Salt Slab? We’re loving this one for Asparagus. If you’d like to jump immediately into Salmon – one of the most popular fish to cook on Salt Slabs – check out this recipe with tropical flair by Seven Sons Farms.