Friend or Fad? Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs

Maybe you’ve seen them at your favorite kitchen, grocery store such as HEB, or trending on the internet, but what exactly is a Pink Salt Slab, where do they come from, what are the uses and benefits, and more importantly…is this just another cooking fad? Let’s answer a few of these questions! What is it and where is it from? A Himalayan Pink Salt Slab comes from…the Himalayas! Okay, you probably already guessed that… It is at it’s most basic definition a surface you can cook or serve food on. But unlike anything you’ve ever used, a salt slab is actually 100% created by nature! (With…

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The Real Co. How We Go Beyond Single Origin with Sustainable Agriculture

At The Real Co. our mission doesn’t end with ensuring full transparency Single Origin. The consumerism we see today is making people sick (physically and mentally), the planet sicker and certain people very rich. At The Real Co. we not only understand the importance of Single Origin products, for both the planet we live on and the people who live in it, but we recognize that the only through the practice of sustainable agriculture can we espouse to do good. In the simplest terms, Sustainable Agriculture is the production of food or animal products using farming techniques that protect our…

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