Five Sense-able Steps to a Healthy Desk

Five Sense-able Steps to a Healthy Desk (and Healthier You!)

Did you know that we spend a third of our day (and almost a third of our lives) working…yikes! Whether that is behind a desk or not, you need to assure that your work space is a sanctuary that delights all five of your senses, which include: Sight, Touch, Smell, Sound, & Taste. Here are some ideas to help you spice up your desk & assure that you’re feeling good on the job! Sight What makes you the happiest? Is it your family? What about your friends? Your dog? Framing a photo and surrounding yourself with the smiles and memories of…

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(Almost) DIY Pink Himalayan Salt Warmer

Did you know you can use a standard wax warmer or Scentsy as a quick and inexpensive way to get the benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp? Warming salt is a great way to improve the air quality in your home or office! This is so easy, it barely qualifies as DIY… Benefits Negative salt ions released by heating can: Boost blood flow Improve sleep Increase levels of serotonin in the brain Calm allergy or asthma symptoms You will need An inexpensive candle or electrical Scentsy or Wax Warmer (be sure to follow office rules and use an electrical version when at work)  Coarse Himalayan…

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Companies Step Up Efforts to Reveal More Details on Food You Eat –

Companies Step Up Efforts to Reveal More Details on Food You Eat – from the Wall Street Journal  Special codes and websites showcase where ingredients come from.Updated March 13, 2016 7:55 p.m. ET Fish + People Inc. has been posting on its website the names and photos of the boat captains that caught fish for its new Fishpeople-brand packaged seafood meals and frozen filets over the past three years. Many shoppers are hooked. The company put special codes on its packages that, when typed into its website, provide information on how each ingredient is produced, and the people involved. Some…

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Brown Sugar Scrub with Honey & Lime

Warm weather has arrived and it’s time to break out the summer wardrobe… Get ready for the season and pamper yourself with this Honey Lime Brown Sugar Scrub. This moisturizing body scrub contains the perfect balance of skin softening ingredients that will show off a summer glow.  Brown Sugar Scrub with Honey & Lime 1/2 cup of Real Co Organic Raw Cane Brown Sugar 2 tablespoons of honey 1/2 lime  In a glass bowl, add the raw cane brown sugar, honey and lime. Mix with a wooden spoon until smooth. In the shower, rub your face and body with the scrub while…

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Organic Raw Cane Sugar Lemonade

It’s warm weather time and that means it’s Lemonade time! We of course like making Lemonade with our own Single Origin, Organic, Non-GMO Raw Cane Sugar.  Recipe: 6 organic lemons = about 2 cups of lemon juice 1 cup of Real Co Raw Cane Sugar 6 cups of cold water Stir raw sugar and 1 cup of the water together in small saucepan. Heat, stirring often, until sugar is completely dissolved and resembles syrup. Note: You can skip the above heating step with Real Co Raw Cane Sugar – unlike other raw sugars, ours dissolves instantly in cold water! Just mix…

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Food for thought….(Cloned or Grown, The Choice is Yours)

Please ask yourself… is it possible to be responsible without thinking about food?….. Done thinking? Here’s what I think: Food is the most important part of the human existence. Social sustainability and, more importantly, “responsibility” is not a feel good mechanism. It is a conscious choice in the realm of morality. Ethics, the most common and basic College course for students, is the most forgotten topic when it comes to the world of competing contracts and short-term profit. To be responsible, it is vitally important to recognize and research the true costs of the industrialization of food. Unless you know…

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A Transparent Future!

Trust is a thing that is hard to come by in today’s day & age. As much as we all would love to trust each & every person or company we interact with, it isn’t always the case. This unfortunate reality skews individual’s perceptions of what they are actually buying into & the foods they are putting into their bodies. Here, at the Real Co, we promise you 100% certainty that you can put your heart & soul into our company, trusting every single word that we say. Through our approach of traceability, we are able to guarantee you the…

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Organic Police Forces in the Home…

As I sit in the kitchen, I overhear a discussion between my two daughters (a heated one, at that)… my eldest chastising her younger sister for eating a bag of Crisps because it contains MSG. This gives me a sense of pride & achievement. All of those years of restricting & policing have seemed to finally pay off… or have they? For some reason my heart still sinks… Have I created a mini “ORGANIC” police kid?? Listening to my daughter hand out criticisms, it doesn’t feel right . . . her words really sting. Whether she is using “constructive” criticism or…

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What does single origin mean?

All of the products at the Real Co are 100% single origin, meaning that you are getting your rice, salt, or sugar from one, and only one, farm or mine! Since we work with multiple farms, some of our products have different farm sources. Labeled on each container, you can see the name of the farm that you are getting your product from directly. We love that our consumers are able to know each & every step of the journey of their favorite products. This is why traceability is an absolutely fantastic tool! You are able to know EXACTLY what…

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Why all values are not created equal… the basics of Single Origin

The key to understanding the value of single origin food is in understanding transparency, and I’m not talking about simply knowing the country location, as that provides as little benefit as knowing the color of your food packaging. No, to understand transparency, and thus the value of single origin, I invite you to take a quick trip with me back in-time to take a look at how the food industry used to work: 100 years ago, not even a minute in terms of how long we’ve been living on this planet, the food business was built on some very basic…

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