Our Products

White Aged Basmati Rice

FARM NAME: Assukkar 
LOCATION: Tayutic Valley, Costa Rica 
Assukar farms is owned by The Ortuño Fami

FARM NAME: Al-Farid Co-op 

LOCATION: Punjab, Pakistan  

This unique location offers fresh river water that flows from the enriched mineral snow-fed glaciers of the Kashmir.  This results in creating perfect conditions for our slender, long grains of Basmati rice, well known for incredible fragrance and taste. 

Our rice is aged for a minimum of 6 months and is grown naturally with no chemicals, using ancient traditional farming methods. 

Organic Raw Cane Sugar


FARM NAME: Assukkar 

LOCATION: Tayutic Valley, Costa Rica 

Assukar farms is owned by The Ortuño Family, situated deep in the Tayutic Valley of Costa Rica. This multi-generational family-run farm dates back to 1877 and still preserves its rich heritage by maintaining the use of the original processes The farming and milling operations at Assukar farms supports the employment of approximately 10 local villages, making it a sustainable community food product.

Organic Raw Coconut Sugar


FARM NAME: Ngudi Lestari 

LOCATION: Central Java, Indonesia 

Grown in the paradise islands of Java, Indonesia. The Coconuts are grown organically using only the magical soil of Java, the sun and lots of care and attention from this small farming community. The coconut sugar is all harvested by local family farmers by hand, from collecting the nectar to drying the sugar. Raw coconut sugar doesn’t get any better than this… 

Coarse Himalayan Pink Rock Salt


MINE NAME: Mahnoor  

LOCATION: Khewra, Pakistan  

The Real Co Himalayan pink rock salt comes from a small mining community in the Karakorum range of the Western Himalayas. Hand mined and crushed at the source, this farm produces the purest, most natural salt, free from toxins or pollutants. The skills required to extract the salt rocks have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab


MINE NAME: Mahnoor  

LOCATION: Khewra, Pakistan    

The Real Co Pink Himalayan salt slabs are hand cut traditionally from an ancient salt mine. Each slab is over 200 million years old, which in itself is incredible. After being cut from the mountain, its checked, polished and packed. The most natural, delicious way to enjoy food on the grill. Its the perfect way to enjoy natural cooking and season your food at the same time. 

Fine Himalayan Pink Rock Salt


MINE NAME: Mahnoor  

LOCATION: Khewra, Pakistan  

The Real Co Pink Himalayan salt is Non-GMO certified which means nothing is added. It has 84 active minerals in every grain (the same composition as a human body) It is 100% unrefined; is perfect for everyday use; has no coloring added; no anti-caking agents and is hand mined and crushed by local salt crafters. Once you taste this salt, there is no other option.