The Real Co was founded with a focus on ethically sourced products...

We proudly support small farmers with their sustainable practices. We deliver right from the source, allowing for maximum transparency between farmer and consumer.

We work with growers who don’t have a mainstream route to sell their produce, and create a way for them to share their commodity with the world. We visit farms around the world to ensure they meet our criteria of quality. Once satisfied, we negotiate directly with them to bring their produce straight from farm to shelf. Where its grown, how its processed and when it's shipped all greatly affect the end result. This is why our farmers and growers must meet the following standards:

•It is producing non-gmo, pesticide-free products.

•They are certified organic, where certification is unavailable they must be adhering to organically methods that ensure the land and local environment is utilised in a non harmful, and sustainable way.

•They meet our high standards of living and working conditions for the staff.

•They have contributed to supporting their local community, whether it be through the creation of jobs, tourism or any other measurable means. 

•Delivers a high quality of uniqueness and freshness at affordable prices.


A unique company inspired to restore the world as it should be...

A few years ago our founder Colin Carter was diagnosed with adult epilepsy at the age of 40 and this required him to consume a fair amount of medicine.  Sadly, one of the effects of this medicine was for Colin’s energy levels to drop significantly, so rather than take more medicine to rejuvenate him, he found that coffee had the desired effect. In his continuous efforts to find a better quality cup of coffee which made him feel better for longer, he discovered “Single Origin” coffee.  This coffee was sourced from small independent farms from across the world and it was clear that the quality in terms of taste and caliber was far greater than normal coffee sold in the majority of supermarkets or large chain coffee shops. 

This led Colin to further investigate the concept of single origin and why it exists. He found that most of the Food Trade is hidden behind closed doors. Large corporations are either not interested in where the food they supply comes from, or in some cases purposefully concealing this information. This results in breaching the natural codes of trade and farming development in the name of affordable food, which is ultimately about larger profits. This directly impacts how people live in today's farming communities, the corporations decide on pricing and infrastructure, which cripples everyone who is sustained by the farms and leads to a generational poverty trap that drives people from their healthy safe living environments and into the large built up cities of the world. Single origin is about a single trade route that benefits and empowers everyone. 

Colin then attempted to adopt this “single origin” principle for all his family’s shopping, but it became evident the options were limited to coffee, tea and in some cases cocoa and chocolate, and thus the desire to create a Single Origin Food company was born!

Along with his friend Muhammad, Colin created “The Real Co.” Their vision is simple; provide the mass consumer market, not just a niche of select affluent consumers, with an option of purchasing good quality food, at affordable prices with full transparency of where the food comes from and how it was grown.

Everyone at The Real Co believes that good quality food should be an accessible and price-friendly option to all people and not just a luxury item to some.  With so much focus on health nowadays directly related to our diet, we feel that the individuals responsible for growing our food; the farmers, should also be well treated and not exploited. If the farmer is happy and the consumer is happy, then we at The Real Co are happy!